Musubimekun Art Project Official Site 'Say Something to Human' by KASAO

Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru's "Let's say Something to Human"
KASAO Atsushi(communication based artist) presents.

I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru

Guruguru is a son of a chieftain of Musubimekun tribe.
Musubimekun is the little pretty Tsukumogami.
Tsukumogami are "Artifact-spirits" that are tools
which have become sentient after a long period of time.

Tsukumogami had been tools created by human,
so they have been loving human being.
On the other side, they are created with natural materials,
so they loves nature very much.

nowadays the human have come to be too arrogant
not to give enough respect to Nature.
this annoyed Musubimekun too much.

One day one of Musubimekun Guruguru
have stood up to say something to human.
Also other Musubimetuns stood up and followed Guruguru.

This Musubimekuns troops has become called as
"Musubimekun Demonstration March".

To save the nature, many Musubimekuns are needed.
So, I want you to make your Musubimekun and the message card to human that he needs to hold. Then, let him join the Musubimekun's activity to save the nature around you!!

the message card needs
1 your Musubimekun's name,
2 his message to human,
3 serial number which we will give you.

After that, Please, let him stand on your favorite place and take two photos of Musubimekun.The one is a wide field of view including the scenery and another is a close up photo. Please, add a geotag to the photo, if you can.

when you send the two photos to me. I will put them on
the Musubimekun's Google map and Musubimekun Facebook .

If you live in outside of Japan or far form Tokyo and want to join this Musubimekun Art Project, Please contact me and send your address and the reason why you want to join this art project.
*Push The "Like" Button at the bottom of this page and send me a message.
*Email: kasao(atmark)

According to the reason, I will send unused Musubiemkuns, their serial numbers, and eye stickers to your place by a snail mail.

Below are samples of photos.
1001 Guruguru musubime-kun
I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru
a wide field of view

I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru
a close up photo

1003 Kuppo musubime-kun
I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru
a wide field of view

I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru
a close up photo

The below movie shows how to make Musubimekun.

"Musubimekun Demonstration March".
Their banner is saying "Let's say Something to Human"
I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru

He used be an umbrella thrown away.
His banner is saying "Don't throw away a plastic umbrella."
I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Kasa Musubime-kun

Each Musubimekun has a name, different Musubimekun number and its own message to human.
I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru

I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru

I'm Pretty Tsukumogami Guruguru

If they come your town, please, cheer them up.

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